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  • Homosexuality and Asian Values Hi there! First off, I would like to say that I enjoyed reading this piece very much. The video at the end also managed to put a smile on my face.

    I noticed that in your wiki, you mentioned the reasons behind the differences in viewing homosexuality in Singapore and Sweden. Here, I would like to touch on your point regarding the Asian family values. It is true that Asian countries are generally more conservative than Western ones. We don't have nudist beaches, we get uncomfortable when we have to talk about sex (Most parents don't even have the sex talk with their children). But I guess most of us tend to forget that Singapore is getting increasingly Westernised.

    In my opinion, Singaporeans (or any conservative Asian for that matter) have to realize that the world is not as small as we perceive it to be. There are all sorts of people out there - straight, gay, bisexual, White, Black, Asian, Hispanics etc - and the only way in which we get to enjoy our lifespan here on Earth is to be accommodating and accepting of all these differences. We cannot expect everyone to be similar to us or have the same mindset as we do. As such, I think that it is important for us not to close an eye or dismiss something as "unacceptable" just because it does not fit in with the law.

    The recent Pink Dot event (see: helps to remind us all that everyone should have the freedom to love. Why should we stick to old cultural traditions i.e. Asian family Values and norms when new ones are waiting to be formed? Why restrict and stop people from choosing who they want to love? This shouldn't be a problem in Singapore, especially since Singapore is working towards becoming a Developed Country. I hope that one day, all of us will learn to accept everyone for who they are. And that the (IMO, stupid) Penal Code 377A is abolished.
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    Posted: Oct 31 2012, 6:05 AM EDT by puddingz
  • Gay in Singapore and Sweden During the lecture about gender and sexuality, I thought quite a lot about cultural differences between Singapore and my home country Sweden regarding sexuality. And more specifically, about homosexuality, since I see myself as gay. What are the cult
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    Last updated: Oct 31 2012, 9:29 PM EDT by mtwtfss
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